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KeenWah is the first ‘quinoa’ specific brand in Australia

This is our Story

KeenWah was founded by Jono Semmler who had been importing and supplying quinoa to the Australian market for a number of years through his company IMPULSE TRADING.

The desire to promote quinoa’s goodness led Jono to create the KeenWah brand. ‘I really wanted to educate and communicate my passion and vision for this amazing little seed. I wanted to showcase the DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS & VERSATILE nature of it. The KeenWah brand aims to be the trusted and leading brand in Australia for KeenWah based products.’

The KeenWah Kitchen was launched in May 2013 at the Bondi Farmers Market in Sydney and serves all quinoa based produce. It aims to educate the Australian consumer on the benefits of quinoa and provide a convenient product range for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

KeenWah’s goal is to educate and promote healthy and sustainable living from the South American farmers to the Australian people.

KeenWah encompasses all of Jono’s passions: sustainable farming practices and trade, efficient consuming, international travel and delicious, nutritious and versatile food.

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