Launch of the KeenWah Kitchen @ Bondi Farmers Market

Launch of the KeenWah Kitchen @ Bondi Farmers Market

We got there! The KeenWah Kitchen became a reality in July 2013, serving ready to eat quinoa brekky options, quinoa snacks and pre packaged raw quinoa at the famous Bondi Farmers Market. This market is held every Saturday from 9am – 1pm at Bondi Beach Public School and brings you everything you need: fresh seasonal fruit and veg, meat & poultry, all things dairy, artisan breads, flowers, NOW KEENWAH (quinoa) and much more.
The aim of the KeenWah Kitchen is to showcase quinoa as a nutritious, delicious and versatile seed and promote healthy and sustainable eating. 

What we serve in WINTER:

Warm KeenWah Porridge (Either Fig & Almond OR Banana & Walnut option). This is made from 100% organic quinoa & light coconut milk making it dairy and   gluten free. We then throw in the fruit and nuts and serve ready to eat with rhubarb and apple compote.
KeenWah Granola Cups – handroasted quinoa granola served with rhubarb and apple compote.

– KeenWah & Cacao Brownie
– KeenWah Muffins
– KeenWah Health Slice
– KeenWah Protein Balls *New

– 500g KeenWah Krunchy Granola *New
– 205g KeenWah Krunchy Granola *New
– 500g White, Red, Black, Trio Quinoa
– 375g Quinoa Flakes, Flour

What we serve in SUMMER: Everything in the aforementioned but we replace the Warm KeenWah Porridge with a KeenWah Bircher Museli!

Bondi Beach Public School, Campbell Parade
Bondi, NSW, 2026
Open: Every Saturday, 9am – 1pm

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