Our KeenWah Krunchy Granola…Nutritious, Delicious & Versatile

Our KeenWah Krunchy Granola…Nutritious, Delicious & Versatile

We’ve been working and tweaking our KeenWah Krunchy Granola recipe for months now and we’re finally serving it up for you to take away in packs.

Quinoa Trio (White, Red, Black)
Quinoa Flakes
Quinoa Puffs
Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Maplye Syrup
Coconut Oil
Egg Whites

Why do we believe our granola the best? First of all it’s gluten free and most granola’s in the market are packed full of sugar and oats! We believe ours stands out due to the extremely high percentage of quinoa, no oats and no nasties like preservatives or added sugar.

It’s important to remember that it is a GRANOLA and not a MUSELI. Unlike museli which is served is a bowl with milk, our KeenWah Granola should be served as a smaller portion with yoghurt and fruit or even on top of your favourite museli. You don’t need much of it as it’s extremely filling and packed with protein and good fats.

Next step is to work with a food technologist to create the NIP (Nutritional Information Panel) and bring it online to you so WATCH THIS SPACE.

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