It's easy to bring Quinoa into your everyday lifestyle

Versatile in Growth

With over 4,000 varieties, quinoa has the ability to grown and harvest in very different conditions. This has prompted farming not only in the Andean highlands of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia but now Canada, USA, Denmark and Australia.

Versatile in Use

Quinoa is grown as a white, black and red seed. Nutritionally there is little difference between the colours. The darker the seed the marginally longer it takes to cook and the slightly nuttier it will taste. Other derivatives of quinoa include flakes, flour, puffs and crisps. This gives it versatility beyond most other grains. It can be used in sweet & savoury, for breakfast or lunch, dinner & snacks and all in between – everything from porridge to pastry, sorbet to stuffing. In fact it is harder to find a dish where you can’t use quinoa than in one you can. A couple of quick quinoa recipe ideas:

  • Replace rice, couscous or pasta with KeenWah
  • Use KeenWah flakes as an alternative to bread crumbs. Fantastic as a chicken stuffing,
  • Add to soups and stews for a healthy protein and carbohydrate hit
  • Add raw KeenWah to create super protein smoothie
  • Use KeenWah flour to create gluten-free cakes, breads and pancakes
  • Replace oats with KeenWah for a healthy and quick breakfast porridge
  • Throw some cooked KeenWah alongside some roast veggies to accompany your fish, meat or chicken


Quinoa has a fantastic nutty flavour. Compared to other health foods that are consumed purely for their nutrition, quinoa is the complete package. Its use as a whole grain, cooked or uncooked is NUTRITIOUS, DELICIOUS & VERSATILE. Known for its fluffy and crunchy texture, quinoa can replace couscous and/or whole grains in breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

It’s a fantastic replacement for rice, pasta and oats and is superior in appearance and taste. Even better, this super food is ‘fool-proof’ to prepare and extremely easy to cook! NB: Quinoa seeds contain a natural layer of bitter-tasting saponins, which should be washed away before cooking by rinsing under running water.