Jess and Jono are the familiar faces behind the Keen Wah brand. If you’re a Bondi local, you’ll probably recognise them from the infamous Saturday farmers market, a weekly gathering of like-minded growers and makers from the area.
 The Keen Wah Kitchen in Bondi was the beginning of the brand, but their loyalty to quinoa stretches further back than that. For over 10 years, the Keen Wah family has been sourcing, importing and supplying quality quinoa seeds amongst other healthy ingredients to Australia, under Impulse International. Back when they started, quinoa wasn’t just difficult to say - it was hard to find. As vegetarians and generally conscious eaters, Jono and Jess were on the hunt for high performing, nutrient rich and high protein staples. They had to be sustainably produced. Bonus points for easy cooking and good flavours.
Enter quinoa. This mighty seed is often regarded as the most nutritionally complete food on the planet. Between the protein and fibre content, plus the mineral and amino acid, gluten free profile, it’s a seed worthy of yearly pilgrimages to South American growers. This passion for knowing where the food on our plates comes has sparked lifelong partnerships overseas.
“I remember one trip in particular, I was pregnant with our first child, and one of the Bolivian farmers cooked us lunch in her house. She was an 85 year old women who told me that if I eat quinoa every day while pregnant, it would help me produce really high quality breast milk. She also said quinoa should be one of the first foods we feed the children when they’re ready for solids. We’ve just had our third baby and her advice hasn’t failed me yet.” - Jess
At its heart, Keen Wah is just that. A collective of family businesses, built around eating nutritious, yummy food. It’s a lifestyle Jono and Jess wanted to share with the world, contributing to better nutrition for adults and children alike.
From humble beginnings in their spare bedroom, to staff worldwide and a devoted customer following, Keen Wah is ready for the next new adventure - bringing a better breakfast right to your door.