Bright ideas often start with coffee. This is true for Jess (from Keen Wah) and Cherie (from Wholegreen Bakery), who nutted out the next step in their partnership over Jess’s morning takeaway. 
All the incredible gluten free loaves from Cherie’s team at Wholegreen Bakery (and cafe) are made from Keen Wah quinoa, and likewise Keen Wah’s Granola is baked to perfection in the ovens of Wholegreen’s. It's a great partnership - so naturally, Wholegreen Bakery was the ideal environment to test drive the relaunch of Keen Wah’s Quinoa and Coconut breakfast blend. 
While Wholegreen offers a completely gluten free menu most could only ever dream of (croissants, fruit danishes, eclairs if you’re feeling naughty), they didn’t serve anything to curb other cravings. So when the opportunity rose to stock the ready-to-cook retail packs and offer diners something new off the menu, it made perfect sense. The trial run was a great success, and the high demand proved it was more than just locals with an appetite for Keen Wah’s breakfast blend.
These two businesses have more than just the locale in common. They’re both family businesses with a strong ethos for nutritious, delicious food, catering to a community looking for something more on their plate. They’re also giving coeliac and gluten sensitive patrons a sense of community, and the confidence to safely eat out with no danger of cross-contamination.
Who knows what the future holds for this local love affair - for now, gluten free croissants and quinoa porridge topped with cardamom poached pears and granola is everything we could hope for.