Jess & Jono visiting the quinoa fields in Bolivia

We're Jono and Jess, aka the faces behind the Keen Wah brand (pictured above visiting the quinoa fields in Bolivia). We've been around since 2013, but have been quinoa converts longer than that. For over 10 years, we’ve been sourcing, importing and supplying quinoa seeds, under Impulse International. We’re vegetarian, with three young children, so nutritious food is a big thing in our house.

Between quinoa's protein and fibre content, plus the mineral and amino acid profile, it’s a seed worth travelling across the world for. It ticks all the boxes - it’s nutritious, delicious and sustainable. And just like us, our customers like to know where the food on their plates comes from. So we source it, bring it back, and deliver to you.

Our goal now is to change your morning for the better.

Breakfast isn’t new territory for us. Delivering it straight to your door is. While you might recognise us from the Bondi Farmers Market, daily life looks different for most of us these days. So does the morning routine. As a family we’re adapting. As a business, we’re working on it. Every day we keep at it is not only a good day for us, our staff, and our families, it’s also a good day for our farmers. And, most importantly, it can be a better day for our customers - you. You can choose to create a better breakfast moment with simple, sustainably sourced, nutrient-dense food. 

Rain, hail or shine - we’ve been serving up better breakfast options since 2013.

Now, we’re delivering straight to your door for you to enjoy!

(Jess at home with her girls)